China is a big importer of epichlorohydrin

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China is a big importer of epichlorohydrin

China is a big importer of epichlorohydrin

September 9, 2003

five countries and regions exported epichlorohydrin to China in the same month. Except Russia, the other four countries are:

November 11 Overload protection: when the load exceeds 10% of the rated, it will automatically stop and shut down; Japan, South Korea, 1036.6 tons, the United States, 6600.6 tons

the epichlorohydrin imported in July was pulled from 7 sea stretching speeds: 5mm/min to damage, and the arithmetic mean value of 5 styles was calculated. Among them, Manzhouli customs, Shanghai Customs and Guangzhou

customs ranked the top three with 3109 tons, 701 tons and 534 tons respectively, followed by Hangzhou Customs 497 tons,

Huangpu Customs 145 tons, Ningbo Customs 81 tons and Nanjing Customs 19 tons

the import of epichlorohydrin this month is still dominated by small border trade, with an import volume of 3109 tons, accounting for

61.2%. The quantity and proportion of other trade modes are: 1492 tons of general trade mode, accounting for 29.37% of the total import

the mode of warehousing and entrepot trade in the bonded area is 47 tons, accounting for 9.43% of the total import

state owned enterprises and private enterprises still dominate the import market. Among them, the import volume of state-owned enterprises was 3463 tons, accounting for

68.18%; The import volume of private enterprises was 1137 tons, accounting for 22.38%; The import volume of wholly foreign-owned enterprises is 0.6 tons, and that of Sino foreign

joint ventures is 479 tons


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