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On November 25, the 13th Beijing analytical testing Symposium and exhibition, a professional analytical testing instrument exhibition approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China and hosted by China analytical testing association, was grandly opened. Shimadzu China held a press conference to announce its participation in the exhibition. With the theme of "providing comprehensive solutions for users" vehicle manufacturing, Shimadzu comprehensively demonstrated Shimadzu's comprehensive solutions in the five fields of life science, food safety, medicine and health, environment and drinking water to Chinese users. At the same time, Kenichi Tanaka, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in chemistry and a member of Shimadzu production Institute, was invited to attend the report meeting and delivered a report entitled "innovation in integrating interdisciplinary analytical chemistry"

as the world's leading precision instrument manufacturing company, more than a century of enterprise development focused on the research and manufacturing of Hongyuan instruments has given Shimadzu great wealth

a number of Shimadzu's new products appeared for the first time in this exhibition. Taking the newly produced uv-1750 spectrophotometer as an example, it absorbed the rich experience of Shimadzu company in the field of optical instruments for nearly 50 years, inherited the consistent quality of Shimadzu company, and brought the latest technical achievements to the majority of analysts. It is convenient to use. It is a sharp tool for conventional analysis. At the same time, Shimadzu's epma-1720 electron probe irradiates the sample with a very fine electron beam to analyze the element composition and distribution in the sample micro area. It is widely used in the R & D and quality management of metal, semiconductor, ceramic, mineral, polymer and biological samples. It can be called a sophisticated material analysis expert

it is worth mentioning that a "rapid detection vehicle system" exhibition area has been set up at the Shimadzu booth and outside the exhibition hall. The rapid detection vehicle is a kind of mobile vehicle that can transfer the fixed experiment to the laboratory inspection of wood, cement, concrete, rubber and their products. It has the characteristics of large radius of supervision and inspection, flexibility, fast detection speed, easy operation and so on. It has great advantages in cracking down on counterfeit drugs, inspection of prohibited chemicals, food detection, environmental monitoring and so on. Previously, Professor tianshongjiu, former chairman of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Professional Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, said that one of the biggest problems and difficulties of the rapid detection vehicle is to maintain stability when operating in harsh conditions, such as driving on bumpy roads. The development of on-board HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) of Shimadzu company has greatly enhanced the stability and detection ability of the rapid detection vehicle, facilitated the grass-roots inspection work in medicine, health, food, environment and other industries, and realized the real "mobile laboratory"

in addition to its complete technical management system, perfect R & D capability, strong talent reserve and other advantages, Shimadzu is also one step ahead in the strategy of implementing the global system, becoming one of the first enterprises to enter China. Over the past 31 years, Shimadzu China has been developing rapidly with the pace of China's reform and opening up. Shimadzu (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Shimadzu international trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shimadzu GL (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Shimadzu (Guangzhou) Testing Technology Co., Ltd. and Shimadzu analytical technology R & D (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. have been successively established to provide the most advanced products, technologies and perfect services to the booming China. In addition, Shimadzu has established production-oriented subsidiaries of medical devices, analytical instruments and industrial machinery in Beijing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Ningbo and other places, formed a rich product line, and built a world-oriented product production and supply system. Shimadzu China has become a Chinese enterprise rooted in China and well known to Chinese users. The purpose of introducing resistance R2 into the friction sub-system is to increase the equivalent resistance partial voltage signal and make the data collected by the computer more effective. Among the cutting-edge analysis and testing technical equipment exhibited in this exhibition, many of them are manufactured by Shimadzu Suzhou factory, China. Shimadzu instruments (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., established in 1998, has 100% imported the production technology and quality management physique of Shimadzu production Institute. Now, it has become one of the global production bases of Shimadzu production Institute, and its products are mainly supplied to China, Europe and the United States. This is a great victory in the implementation of the comprehensive transplantation strategy from "Shimadzu, Japan" to "Shimadzu, China"

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