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Shimei Digital: looking for its own development strategy

: with 18 years of development, Shimei digital printing group, which focuses on stable solutions for enterprises, adheres to the business philosophy of fast, accurate, professional, low-key, stable and intelligent, and has become a fast printing service provider with initial scale in China

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1. The rapid development of Shimei digital

Shimei digital's rapid printing business office can be traced back to 1993. At present, it has set up subsidiaries and more than 10 physical stores in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, with more than 600 employees, and has built more than 20 on-site printing centers within the top 500 enterprises in the world. The company has become the Beijing Olympic Games and the Guangzhou Asian Games The organizing committee supplier is now a national high-tech enterprise, Beijing Science and technology research and development institution, and a designated purchasing unit of Beijing municipal government

second, the competitive strategy mode of Shimei digital

Shimei digital realizes its value with the help of competitive strategy, mainly including cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy and target concentration strategy

1, cost leadership strategy

cost leadership strategy is also called low-cost strategy. When the price of a leading enterprise is equal to or lower than that of its competitors, its low-cost position will be transformed into high-yield. Although a cost leading enterprise relies on its cost leading position to gain competitive advantage, if it wants to become a superior with economic benefits higher than the average level, it must obtain a powerful position with equal or similar value on the basis of unique products compared with its competitors. The success of the cost leadership strategy depends on the skills of the enterprise to actually implement the strategy day after day. By reducing their production and operating costs, enterprises can obtain market share and profits above the average level of their peers at prices lower than those of competitors

through group procurement and other means, Shimei digital has placed special emphasis on workflow, production scale and standardized products and services, maintaining overall cost leadership in the industry. Compared with its peers, the company has its own advantages, a wide range of resident services, and a strong technical R & D support team. It has established strategic cooperation relations with major equipment suppliers in the industry, such as HP, Canon, Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, and has received strong support from equipment procurement, technical services and many other aspects

2, differentiation strategy

differentiation strategy means that the products and services provided by enterprises to customers are unique in the industry, which is enough to bring additional price increases to the products. By adopting differentiation strategy, enterprises can well defend against the five competitive forces in the industry and obtain profits that exceed the average level of the industry

the formation of this strategy mainly depends on the characteristics of products and services, rather than the cost of products and services. Shimei digital independently developed an ERP management system for its own business characteristics and applicable to the industry, which controls the entire operation process, and provides customers with overall business solutions based on its own intellectual property service platform

3, target agglomeration strategy

target agglomeration strategy refers to the establishment of a unique competitive advantage in a specific customer or a specific geographical region, that is, within a very small competitive range of the industry; Enterprises can serve their narrow customer groups more effectively than their competitors. Enterprises that adopt the target agglomeration strategy choose one or a group of market segments in the industry and tailor their services to them rather than other market segments. Through the strategic optimization of the target market, the enterprises that adopt this strategy are committed to pursuing the competitive advantage in the target market, although they do not have the competitive advantage in the overall market

the business of Shimei digital covers various document services and management under the background of the information technology era. It has been committed to the research on the outsourcing service direction of resident document management, providing customers with a complete set of document management solutions, including document review, proofreading, graphic design, OCR technical services, format conversion, scanning and archiving, sorting and binding, document distribution, etc., to help customers improve work efficiency and reduce production costs

third, establish a document printing center to seek the value of document printing outsourcing

more than 85% of the world's top 500 enterprises have adopted document printing management outsourcing services to improve document processing efficiency and reduce costs. At the same time, the document management outsourcing service mode has become the common choice of many advanced enterprises. More and more enterprises and government users have decided to introduce a third-party professional document printing management partner to establish a new green office document printing mode that is economical, efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and healthy. The cost of document processing in large enterprises accounts for 8%~10% of the enterprise's operating cost. Under the same printing volume, the document printing management outsourcing service can reduce the cost of document processing such as consumables, parts, maintenance, equipment and labor by 10%~25% compared with the original. Some components have stopped production in the original factory or only the fixed factory furniture has integrated and optimized the design of the document printing system according to the needs of the enterprise. In terms of software and hardware deployment, in order to facilitate centralized management, Shimei digital provides customers with corresponding equipment and brings benefits to customers

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