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Siemens has no layoff plan in China.

layoffs are a sensitive issue, while Siemens cut nearly 17000 jobs worldwide at one go

it is understood that up to now, 22. overload protection: automatic protection when the load exceeds 10%; The negotiations between Siemens and the ILO are still in progress, and the specific layoff plans of various countries and departments have not yet been released

"so far, Siemens China has no layoff plan." On July 10, Duanwei, public relations specialist of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Siemens China"), said


"Siemens is negotiating with various trade unions on layoffs. Before the conclusion of the negotiation, only the number of layoffs worldwide can be confirmed, a total of about 16750." Siemens spokesman monikabrucklmeier said

brucklmeier revealed that most of the administrative positions were cut this time, and a total of 12600 administrative staff were cut. Among them, Germany will cut 3500 administrative posts; The EU region (excluding Germany) is expected to cut 3650 jobs; There are about 5450 people outside Europe

another 4150 employees will be laid off due to the restructuring of the business department. Since January 2008, Siemens' business has begun to integrate into energy, industry and medical treatment

except that there is no layoff plan in the energy sector, both industry and health care will cut staff. The industrial sector will cut 2500 jobs worldwide, of which 700 are sales and administrative positions and 1800 are engineering and production positions. The medical department plans to cut 1650 jobs in total, of which the United States is the "main force", and nearly 1200 jobs will be cut

according to public information, Siemens has about 430000 employees in 190 countries around the world. The number of layoffs accounted for about 4% of the total number of Siemens employees

brucklmeier also said that Siemens would have further personnel change plans


16750 layoffs spread all over the world

a Siemens spokesman said that 5250 people in Germany are expected to be affected, mainly in Erlangen, Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin and other places with a large number of employees; 5150 in EU (except Germany); Outside Europe, 6350

the rebound in layoffs first appeared in Germany, the headquarters of Siemens

igmetall, the main trade union of Siemens, believes that Siemens' layoffs are superfluous. Wernerneugebauer, chairman of the trade union, said that Siemens is in good condition and has sufficient orders. The trade union can neither understand nor accept the layoffs under such circumstances. He said that the trade union might organize workers to strike

igme only replaced the sensor. According to Siemens' financial report, since 2005, Siemens' revenue and net revenue have shown a growth momentum. In 2006, Siemens' global revenue was 66.487 billion euros and its net revenue was 3.345 billion euros; In 2007, its global revenue was 72.448 billion euros and its net revenue was 4.038 billion euros. In the first half of 2008, Siemens' global revenue reached 36.494 billion euros, an increase of 5% over the same period last year

Siemens has already foreseen the anger of the trade union. Siegfriedrusswurm, chief personnel officer of Siemens, said that layoffs are the inevitable result of business restructuring, and Siemens hopes to complete the restructuring as soon as possible

however, according to the estimates of German industry insiders, the cost of Siemens' large-scale layoffs needs at least 1billion euros to pay the severance, resettlement and pension of employees

turned into

Siemens braved public anger and decisively streamlined its troops and administration in order to restructure the three core businesses

the analyst pointed out that "in Germany, the restructuring of Siemens has been discussed for a long time. Siemens is like a sleeping beauty, waiting for the prince to wake her up." the person said, "now, Luo Xude is here, and the prince is here."

in the summer of 2007, Luo Xude succeeded klauskleinfeld as the new president of Siemens after the bribery scandal broke out. He hoped that while reshaping the image of Siemens, the business of Siemens would be thoroughly transformed

subsequently, Siemens' transformation began. Since january2008, the original eight groups of Siemens began to integrate into three major businesses, namely, energy, industry and healthcare

undoubtedly, this restructuring plan will also affect Siemens China. In fact, Siemens' layoff plan has clearly shown that it will lay off 6350 people outside Europe. 2. Calculation of impact energy

however, Duan Wei of Siemens China said: "the restructuring of Siemens China is also in progress, and the whole process cannot be completed overnight." He only said that after the conditions were ripe, the restructuring of Siemens China would be announced

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