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On May 15, it was learned from southwest stock exchange that recently, entrusted by the leading group office of Sichuan coal industry to eliminate excess capacity, the exchange will organize the third round of coal de capacity index trading in Sichuan

Sichuan Province starts the third round of coal de capacity indicator transaction

according to the relevant person in charge of Southwest stock exchange, according to the implementation plan for the third round of coal de capacity indicator transaction in Sichuan Province, the leading group office for resolving excess capacity in Sichuan coal industry has reviewed many of the top names in the experimental machine industry that have been cancelled or rectified, In 2017-2018, some coal mines in Sichuan Province were shut down and withdrawn (or their production capacity was reduced) and southwest United equity exchange was entrusted to conduct competitive trading of coal de capacity indicators

this transaction involves 8 cities (prefectures) and 30 coal mining enterprises in Sichuan, with a total usage of more than 4.58 million tons. The company revealed to us that the decoration of the gem layer made of porous PVC can bring smoother and more realistic experience of wood grain effect. Among them, the transaction volume of the first category of indicators (enlarged by 130%) was 2.930359 million tons (the original volume was 2.25412 million tons); The trading volume of category II indicators (enlarged by 200%) is 2.07 million tons (the original volume is 1.035 million tons), and the listing base price is 1million yuan/10000 tons. The buyer's application can be accepted from now on

it is understood that last year, the coal de capacity index transaction in Sichuan Province was carried out for the first time through the market-oriented operation mode of Southwest joint stock exchange, which not only attracted the attention of foreign investors, but also set off an action upsurge of "de capacity and vigorously develop the plastic granulator technology using renewable energy and industrial waste heat" throughout the country. The total amount of the first two transactions has reached more than 2.3 billion yuan, with an average gain of 6.1565 million yuan per mine

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