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In the first half of 2014, the small wind power industry experienced an unprecedented winter. This is the continuation of the sharp contraction and decline of domestic and foreign markets in 2013. Many enterprises are facing the problems of capital shortage and loan difficulties. To make matters worse, many users originally planned to adopt wind and solar complementary measures to achieve the energy conservation and emission reduction goals, but due to the failure to implement the national policies, the installation and application of small-scale wind power supply systems were cancelled because they did not receive electricity price subsidies. What makes matters worse is that the original market is shrinking and the operation difficulties of enterprises are aggravated because the detached wind turbines are not subsidized for the purchase of machines and tools

basic situation in the first half of 2014

1 Market situation

whether in domestic or foreign markets, the number of valuable inquiries has decreased significantly, and the system operation still shows a negative growth compared with the same period last year

the shrinking market is mainly due to the fact that small and medium-sized wind power generation systems do not have the same electricity price subsidy as photovoltaic, and they cannot enjoy the purchase subsidy of machines and tools away from the unit

affected by the above factors, the original domestic wind and solar complementary projects began to shift to simple photovoltaic projects. For example, a small wind power production enterprise once negotiated with a farm to use the open space around modern agriculture to install small-scale wind turbines and generate electricity, but it ran aground because the small-scale wind power price could not refer to the photovoltaic price subsidy

in the process of fighting in foreign markets, as developed countries in Europe and the United States have implemented stringent product certification systems and set up technical thresholds, most of China's products are restricted from entering the market and the export volume is also decreasing. Wind power products are internationally certified. Due to the high cost (the certification cost of each product is more than 1million yuan), except that one unit of Zhejiang Huaying wind power has passed the UK TUV CMS certification, several enterprises have only passed the European and American electrical equipment certification, and most enterprises have not been internationally certified, because the cost is too high for enterprises to bear

in fact, the installation of small wind turbines occupies a small area, which has advantages over the construction of solar power plants in many places. However, due to the lack of supporting electricity price subsidy policies, the industrial development is limited. Both small wind power and solar power are combined on the power side, using clean energy from solar energy, and the same is true of control technology, but they cannot enjoy the same treatment, which is an unacceptable reality for the industry

2. Enterprise operation

in the first half of 2014, the operation of enterprises was seriously hindered. Except for one or two enterprises, the sales volume of most enterprises decreased, the inventory of products was overstocked, the pressure of capital occupation increased, the operation lost money, and the number of employees decreased. Some enterprises are considering transformation and even switching to the photovoltaic field

3. Enterprises have difficulties in financing operations, product R & D and technological transformation

dragged down by the capital chain, most enterprises are facing difficulties in funding market development, product research and development or technological transformation this year. It is difficult to get loans, which has a great impact on the product and technology upgrading of enterprises. For example, most companies are preparing to conduct product type tests. Due to the long test time and high proportion of funds, most enterprises are difficult to bring all products into the test field for comprehensive testing, which affects the overall improvement of enterprise product technology

4. The latest standards for small wind power have been implemented.

last year, two national standards, bg/t small wind turbine design requirements and gb/t small vertical axis wind turbine, have been promulgated and implemented, and small wind power enterprises have begun to carry out product design in accordance with these two standards. The focus of future work is how to further strengthen the implementation of small wind power industry. At present, the difficulty is to carry out unified testing according to national standards. Recyclable and renewable multi-layer composite flexible packaging films, such as pet/polypropylene, pet/polyethylene, and metal plastic composites, are difficult to be fully rolled out because of the lack of financial support and the limited testing sites and parking spaces, which cannot be fully rolled out

setting the industry access threshold

has become the focus of industry development

in the 1990s, the impact of low-quality products almost destroyed the small wind power industry; At the beginning of this century, the emergence of new wind turbines has brought hope to the development of small-scale wind power industry, but in recent years, it has faced the situation of the proliferation of low-quality products. The industry threshold is low, and the quality and standard are out of control, resulting in the overall bad impression of the product

at present, the product quality and safety inspection and certification system implemented worldwide has not made substantial progress in China. In order to control quality and safety, it is imperative to implement the testing and certification system and set a threshold for the industry, which has become the focus of the development of the industry. The small wind power industry is preparing to launch the initiative of the testing and certification system, which is organized by associations, enterprises sign up independently, pay their own expenses, unified testing, third-party certification, combined with government procurement, consumer recognition, product technology testing data publicity, users, governments, media The measures for autonomous supervision of industries were implemented in advance

suggestions for industrial development

small wind power generation equipment has been developed in China for 40 years, and its status is still very embarrassing after 40 years of development. The industry is small, small in scale, small in influence, and its status does not receive due attention. If this goes on in the long run, the whole industry will suffer from extinction

in the past development process, small-scale wind power has played an irreplaceable role in the national new energy layout. Since 2007, the power transmission project for farmers and herdsmen in power-free areas in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has adopted a wind solar complementary power generation system, which has achieved full coverage of power consumption for power-free herdsmen in Inner Mongolia; In 2013, a small wind power manufacturing enterprise solved the problems of communication and lighting for the small wind turbine installed by fishing boats in Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province, which ensured that fishing boats would not start the diesel engine at night for uninterrupted communication and lighting, and fishermen could sleep safely at night, saving 3800 kg of diesel oil per fishing boat every year, and protecting the marine environment according to Wang Fei, deputy general manager of the project; Seven 30kW wind turbines have been installed in Fushan Island, Shandong Province, Zhejiang Province. They will encounter the test of typhoons every year. They once encountered the baptism of 47m/s strong typhoons. They have been in normal operation for three consecutive years, ensuring the stability of power and the normal supply of seawater desalination water for the military and civilians living on the island. Therefore, small wind power generation equipment has strong utilization value in power supply, energy conservation and ecological environment protection

taking all factors into consideration, we suggest that the state should provide policy support and support in the promotion and application of small-scale wind power generation systems

1. In the form of distributed micro electric power generation, it is given the same spontaneous self use and surplus power as photovoltaic, and enjoy the new energy subsidy policy

small wind power and solar cells are combined on the power side, which are clean energy using solar energy, and control technology is the same. Small wind power has its unique advantages in some aspects, and should enjoy the same electricity price subsidy policy as solar cells

2. Support should be given to the purchase subsidies of machines and tools for off type wind turbines

the promotion of off type power generation in the vast areas without electricity far away from the city power is a national policy to save resources, reduce power generation costs, support the old, the young, the border and the poor, and support social development and social stability. In the internal plastic extrusion equipment, the wind solar complementary power generation system installed by Mongolia Autonomous Region for herdsmen in non electricity areas has achieved this strategic decision. We suggest that for the off-line wind power generation system used in other areas without electricity, the state should give machines and tools to purchase energy conservation, low-carbon environmental protection has become an urgent research topic in the home appliance industry, and provide support and preferential policies in terms of subsidies, so that residents in border areas, mountains, Islands, fishing boats and other areas can enjoy the happy people's livelihood given by the state

3. It is suggested to establish pilot demonstration sites in beautiful villages

the future application market of small wind turbines is in rural areas, and the beautiful rural projects built by the Ministry of agriculture are in full swing. The beautiful countryside will increase the supply of clean energy, improve the quality of living energy, protect and improve the rural ecological environment, and promote the construction of rural ecological civilization with the policy of adjusting measures to local conditions, multi energy complementation, comprehensive utilization and efficiency. It is suggested to promote wind power projects in beautiful rural projects and establish test demonstration sites

4. Give appropriate financial subsidies to the testing and certification of small wind power products

the testing and certification system that the industry is preparing to implement is an important measure to comprehensively improve the technology, quality and safety of small wind turbines. Because the testing and certification of products require expensive funds, general small enterprises can't afford it. They hope to get the support of relevant national departments, and give corresponding subsidies to products or enterprises that pass the certification and include them in the government procurement list; Give support and administrative recognition to the testing and certification system that our association will organize and implement

in short, the small wind turbine industry is one of the few industries in China that is at the world's leading level in the field of new energy. It is also an industry that has equal competitiveness with traditional energy in some application fields (such as wind and solar complementary streetlights). Now it is necessary to get an equal opportunity to compete. It is hoped that the government departments will pay enough attention to the small-scale wind power industry, actively promote high-quality products and advanced technology, and provide support in market promotion and application, giving opportunities for display and comparison

(the author is a senior engineer of wind energy equipment branch of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association)

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