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Mid 2018 inventory: the top ten new spectrometers are "competing for brilliance"

economic development depends on innovation, which lies in accelerating the breakthrough of core technologies and casting "national priorities". The same applies to the spectrum industry. As a heavyweight member of the general analytical instrument family, spectrum is widely used in biology, chemistry, environmental testing, medicine, chemical industry and other fields

2018 has been quietly more than half, and domestic and foreign instrument manufacturers have adopted multiple strategies to occupy a place in the market. In terms of the investment in new product innovation, which spectral products have been newly developed by major enterprises, and how the huge application and technological synergy produced by them have benefited users a lot. Let's take a look:

Shimadzu: new product irspirit of miniaturized infrared spectrometer

2018 Shimadzu launched a new product irspirit of miniaturized infrared spectrometer and a new generation of ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer uv-1900, providing a more perfect solution for instrument teaching experiments in Colleges and universities in the next decade. The product has many outstanding advantages, and has won the Pittcon 2018 today Excellence Award, the 2018 red dot award and other authoritative awards internationally. At present, it has been officially sold in the Chinese market

Korean nanobase: Laser Raman imaging system

Korean nanobase company specializes in the production of cost-effective confocal laser Raman imaging systems, providing the most cost-effective solutions for the main tasks of the main programs in the scientific and industrial fields, such as initialization, interrupt scanning, communication and recovery systems. The xperram200 confocal laser Raman imaging system of nanobase company in Korea has powerful functions, complete options, simple operation and easy maintenance. Xperram200 confocal Raman imaging spectrometer system enables users to provide various scalable functions and provide customized services for customers

evantis: launched a business card sized micro fiber spectrometer in 2018

avantes of the Netherlands is one of the world's leaders in micro fiber spectrometers. Spectrometer is adopted by LIBS customers because of its excellent timing control ability. Avaspec-mini4096cl - OEM spectrometer was launched in 2018, which uses CMOS detectors and new circuit design. Using automatic platform for production, the product consistency is more outstanding, and the production efficiency is further improved. The size of business cards is very suitable for handheld device development

simple and intelligent instrument: Portable differential Raman spectrometer

Raman spectroscopy technology, known as "molecular fingerprint", is highly respected in the field of optical rapid detection because of its excellent characteristics of non-destructive, convenient, fast and high stability. Nanjing Jianzhi instrument and Equipment Co., Ltd. recently released sedrs portable base, the first portable differential Raman spectrometer in China. Series products have the characteristics of small size, high wavelength accuracy, good stability, high temperature control accuracy, high power stability and high reliability

pentatech: qtram transmission Raman spectroscopy system

at present, Raman spectroscopy technology is more mature, and the market space of this instrument is gradually opened. Qtram is a new generation of transmission Raman spectroscopy system that can be quantitatively analyzed based on the world's leading perspective Raman technology of pentatech. It was officially listed on April 24, 2018. The product can penetrate solid pharmaceutical preparations to collect Raman "fingerprint" information, and can be used for rapid nondestructive testing of the content uniformity of pharmaceutical ingredients in pharmaceutical enterprises

Agilent: resolve handheld Raman spectroscopy

on April 4, 2018, Beijing - Agilent technology company recently announced that the company won the ads Security Innovation Award with the resolve handheld Raman spectroscopy system. Resolve system can penetrate unopened opaque containers and quickly detect explosives, drugs and other dangerous substances in them. Today, the system has been widely deployed in ports and borders around the world for various applications involving law enforcement, military, hazardous substances and customs affairs

Hitachi analytical instrument: Spark direct reading spectrometer for metal analysis

from trace element analysis in waste metals to incoming material detection, melting process control and finished product detection, Strict quality will not affect the environment. Generally, it is only used in structural component experiments or simple material performance experiments. Pollution control is very important in the whole metal industry. Recently, there are many large enterprises with strong R & D strength in the United States. Hitachi analytical instruments launched a new high-performance spark direct reading spectrometer, foundry-master pro2, to meet the metal analysis needs of foundries and other metal industries. Therefore, it has become the preferred analysis tool in the metal industry

TSI in the United States: chemlogix Raman spectrum series products

TSI customers can analyze materials in various application fields using Raman spectroscopy instruments. The Raman instrument integrated with spectragryph software extends the methods that researchers use and process Raman spectrometer data. Tsi|chemlogix is honored to launch Raman spectrometer with integrated spectragryph software. It is a general-purpose interactive optical spectroscopy software for scientists and researchers all over the world. Tsi|chemlogix Raman spectrum series products include handheld, portable, desktop and gas phase process Raman spectrometers

Hitachi analytical instrument: the new lab-x5000 desktop XRF spectrometer

although the handheld device is very convenient to analyze samples, it lacks the reliability, flexibility and powerful ability of the desktop XRF spectrometer. For 45 years, lab-x has been a leader in the global laboratory instrument industry. Recently, this long tested product series has welcomed new members. Perhaps the main reason why lab-x5000 is exciting is that it contains all the advantages of an excellent quality control and testing instrument, and at the same time, it is faster, more convenient and more flexible

Shanghai Xingbi optoelectronic technology: Handheld Raman spectrometer

after years of independent research and development, Shanghai Xingbi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully launched three handheld Raman spectrometers, namely, the handheld Raman substance authenticity detector (trunumen) focusing on the rapid identification of raw and auxiliary materials in the pharmaceutical industry, and the handheld Raman security detector hazadefender and narcseeker focusing on the rapid detection of prohibited substances such as dangerous goods and other substances. These three instruments have basically the same hardware structure, coupled with different software and algorithms, and can be used for rapid detection in the fields of public safety, drug quality safety, identification of fake and shoddy materials, identification of raw and auxiliary materials and discrimination

to sum up, in the first half of the past year, most of Raman's new products. Both imported brands and national enterprises will continue to promote the research and development of new products. The appearance design is novel, the performance is diversified and optimized, the personalized solution is clear, and the application is extended and expanded. New products are the key to maintaining the vitality of an enterprise. Only an endless stream of new products can help a brand meet the severe challenges of the market

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