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Patent name: lithography revision film

patent name: lithography revision film

patent application No: 2 Publication No.:

application date: September 18th, 2003 publication date: September 8th, 2004

applicant: Lin Weiqiang Luo Ye

the utility model provides a lithography revision film wrapped main vibration system, which is quite careful to replace the equipment. The configuration quality of the main vibration spring includes aluminum foil and is well set, The utility model can work in an extremely despicable environment. The oxidized hydrophilic layer placed on one side of the aluminum foil and the photosensitive resin layer placed on the outer surface of the oxidized hydrophilic layer are: a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is arranged on the other side of the aluminum foil, and an anti mucous layer is arranged outside the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer: the utility model has the advantages of convenient use, and can realize the multi-color printing of a single printing plate or the multi connection printing of a single printing plate in lithography printing, so as to save printing costs and improve printing quality f and printing efficiency

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