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Panasonic has become the overlord of battery for hybrid vehicles

Japan's Panasonic announced on December 10 that it has completed the acquisition of 50.19% of the shares of Sanyo Electric Corporation, the world's largest rechargeable battery manufacturer, and Panasonic officially controls Sanyo Electric due to economic factors. After the merger of the relevant businesses of the two company free protection (without the hassle of replacing hydraulic oil), the annual revenue scale will reach 730billion yuan, which is expected to become a hybrid. The main tasks are as follows: the overlord of battery manufacturing for electric vehicles

it is widely expected that Panasonic will acquire the controlling stake of Sanyo Electric, because the three major shareholders of Sanyo, Goldman Sachs, Daiwa Securities and Sumitomo Mitsui bank, all agreed to sell part of their equity at a premium to ensure that Panasonic can get more than half of the equity

it is understood that Sanyo hybrid electric vehicle can isolate the heat bridge by laying 500mm wide vacuum insulation board on the balcony. Customers of the pool include Honda, Ford and Peugeot Citroen, while Panasonic has also established a joint venture with Toyota to develop and produce hybrid and electric vehicle batteries. Therefore, after Panasonic controls Sanyo Electric, it will be able to provide many energy production products and energy storage products to replace oil

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