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Peng Anqi: practicing digital printing gracol G7

digital printing is the general trend of the international printing industry. Using new technologies such as CTP, ICC Color Management and digital proofing, and taking data as the effect of expressing printing quality, we can more effectively control the quality of printing

introduction to gracolg7 and printing union:

gracolg7 is a new concept developed by ideaalliance, which mainly aims at the commercial printing process of CTP and practices the printing requirements of international printing standard is in a simple and effective way. Gracolg7 is the quality control method to practice digital printing. Aiming at the commercial printing process of CTP, it can more simply and effectively practice the printing requirements of international printing standard iso126472. Through the expert evaluation of G7 recognized printing enterprise program, it is affirmed that printing enterprises are using the most advanced technology, quality control methods and high-quality printing conditions and capabilities through appropriate heat treatment process to increase their mechanical properties, and reach the international technical level and standards

on July 1st, 2007, the printing technology research center officially became the exclusive regional representative of iance in Greater China, which was launched by ideail to cooperate with the market promotion of products produced by water pipeline manufacturers. This is the only organization that certifies and issues G7 approved printing enterprise certificates in Greater China, and has verified the qualifications of applicants of G7 approved experts in Greater China. The organization is called "idea" (in addition to the experiment iliance China), which is the meaning of the printing alliance. It lasts for two years, and the regions it represents include China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, including G7, gracol, swop, virtual proofing and other related technical activities. In addition, the center also established the Indian Federation to promote mutual exchanges and contacts

as one of the test bases of G7, it leads the test plan in Hong Kong. The printing technology research center actively cooperates with the industry and participates in international conferences. The center believes that the application of high and new technology will help to achieve the integration with international digital printing and enhance the leading position of the printing industry in Greater China

profile: Peng Anqi, currently the center manager of the printing technology research center, the director general and plenipotentiary member of the printing media professionals association, has just been appointed as a member of the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee. Ms. Peng attended the ISO/TC130 working group meeting as an observer last year, and attended the annual meetings last year and this year as a representative of China. Table 9 adaptability of spray free materials to injection molding defects

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