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Popular parents' circle: many famous primary school teachers in Nanjing have changed jobs in private education institutions

"Lang xiaomingshi resigned from public office" "where did xianwaimingshi resign to go"? These two messages were hot in Nanjing parents' circle last weekend. It turned out that two famous teachers of Nanjing Primary School resigned and went to a private education institution. The survey found that in recent years, the number of teachers in public schools who resigned and went to private educational institutions has indeed increased. What makes teachers give up the iron rice bowl of public schools and switch to private education? A few days ago, I got in touch with the protagonist of the job hopping event, Lu Huashan, the former director of the teaching and research center of Langya Road Primary School

phenomenon many famous teachers change jobs

teacher Lu Huashan is well-known in the primary school Chinese circle in Nanjing. He is the leader of the Chinese discipline in Nanjing Primary School, the director of the teaching and research center of Langya Road Primary School, a famous school in Nanjing Primary School, and the winner of the Sixia award and the May Day Labor Medal. He has won many national, provincial and municipal class awards at all levels. However, a few days ago, such a famous teacher officially bid farewell to Langya Road Primary School, where he has been teaching for 13 years, and joined a private education and training institution in Nanjing as the principal of Chinese teaching. Not long after this news came, it came that a primary school mathematics discipline leader from Xianlin branch of Nanjing foreign language school also joined the organization

it is learned that in recent years, there is an increasing trend for teachers in public schools to resign and go to private educational institutions. Many of them are famous teachers. At the end of this semester, in addition to Lu Huashan's resignation from Langya Road Primary School, at least one famous Chinese teacher from Youfu West Street Primary School and a famous Olympic math tutor from Qixia District switched to private education institutions. These experienced teachers in public schools, especially famous teachers who specialize in technology, have also been the target of private education and training institutions in recent years

"in recent years, more and more public teachers are willing to devote themselves to private education", Ge Xinfei, the teaching principal of a private education training center in Nanjing, introduced that since its establishment in 2006, dozens of public teachers have joined them successively, and a leader of the teaching and research group of a famous school will be welcomed in the near future

explore why people choose to leave because they have better treatment and more flexible mechanism

they have worked in public schools for more than ten years and their achievements are not low

I contacted Shanglu Huashan a few days ago. "My golden period of development was in langxiao. Without langxiao and Drum Tower education, it is impossible to have me today. But as I grow older, I am a person who wants to break through and challenge myself. I like change and am close to my 40s. I can choose another one as the post-processing technology of materials affects the VOC emission of interior trim, but I am still in an educational position." At the beginning of the interview, Lu Huashan said seriously

the first thing that attracts Lu Huashan is the private mechanism. "Public schools have irreplaceable educational resources, but the mechanism of private schools (Institutions) is more flexible", he said. In Langya Road Primary School, he only took a class of more than 50 students for a few years, but when he arrived at the institution, he might have to have positive contact with hundreds or even thousands of students every year, "You can make your teaching experience accumulated for many years more useful, cultivate more students, and improve your teaching level". This is a sense of professional achievement as a teacher

of course, Lu Huashan also gets better treatment when he works in private education institutions. "The salary of public teachers increased in 2010, but since the implementation of performance-based pay, it has not increased for 5 to 6 years. It was adjusted once last year, but it is more reflected in the social security structure, and the salary is not much." he revealed that the current treatment given by the institution is 10 times his previous treatment

there is a high voice for tracking and raising treatment, but it is not optimistic

Wu Xiaomao, director of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of education, once said frankly that due to the limited salary of teachers, the number of teacher turnover is increasing every year, and more than 100 teachers have left the teaching team in 2014

Yan Longwen, director of the teaching and Research Office of Zhonghua middle school, also noticed the problem of the loss of public teachers. At the just concluded two sessions in Nanjing, he also wrote a proposal as a member of the CPPCC, calling for improving treatment and retaining public teachers

he said, "the reason why personal value cannot be realized, more realistically, is that young and middle-aged teachers, especially young and middle-aged male teachers, have a heavy burden of getting married and buying a house in Nanjing. A very important part of attracting more talents to stay in Nanjing (public schools) is the economic return of teachers, which is an unavoidable problem."

however, despite the appeals of the director of education and members of the CPPCC, teachers who jumped out of the system believed that it was difficult to improve the treatment of public teachers for a period of time. "The team of teachers is too large. After so many years, the space is not very large, and even if the adjustment range is not very large." Lu Huashan said

moreover, many educators believe that in addition to high income, private education institutions also have their own advantages in improving teachers' professional ability. A famous teacher of the former Changjiang Road Primary School who has worked in private education and training institutions for several years told that in the past, in public schools, we should not only pay attention to students' learning, but also worry about their clothing, food, housing and transportation, and trivial things involve too much energy. But in private institutions, the goal is very focused. Teachers only need to study how to do well in class and improve students' learning ability and performance

experts need to solve institutional obstacles

Dr. Guli, director of Nanjing Primary School Teacher Training Center, pointed out that the loss of public teachers is really related to treatment, and the main problem of treatment is 1. Pointer tensile testing machine: this kind of traditional tensile testing machine is on the rigid distribution system due to its low testing accuracy

"to retain public teachers, we must break through these institutional obstacles". Gu Li believes that, on the one hand, we should further improve the treatment of public teachers so that young teachers can live in dignity, and at the same time, we should also promote the rationalization of the teacher distribution system so that excellent teachers can get their due income; On the other hand, improve the current teacher evaluation system, which should be both compliant and reasonable in some standards, and provide sufficient promotion space for teachers. "No one reports senior professional titles in ordinary schools, while many teachers in good schools report senior professional titles, but their positions are insufficient. Now the pilot teacher districts in Qinhuai District and Jiangning District manage schools, which can alleviate this problem to a certain extent."

however, Gu Li also said that although teachers from public schools flow to private institutions, there is no contradiction between public education and private education itself. "Both public and private education belong to the education system, and private education is an important supplement to public education. In the future, public education provides universal education security, and private education provides personalized needs such as excellence, which is a trend."

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