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Panasonic's successful strategy: Strategic Management (1)

the secret of management is that after knowing it, you can do a lot of business, and the resulting sense of security is the source of power

once you get the knack of things, it's hard to forget. Because of the know-how of management, the business will continue to develop

Mr. Panasonic realized such a trick about how to run Panasonic electric company, which cannot be expressed in words. It can only be said: "the secret of business is that after I review it and know it, I can do a lot of business. In this way, I will have a sense of security. Even if there are only 50000 people left in mankind, I will have confidence to continue working. Once I have this sense of security, I can become an infinite force and produce leaping results." Natural disasters are unpredictable, but excellent operators are those who can plan in advance and minimize losses

the losses of Panasonic in the Niigata earthquake were considerable in terms of commodities alone. However, other peers suffered slight losses; Why is it that only Panasonic will suffer such great damage? Because they concentrated a large number of commodities in Niigata county. If we can continuously produce an appropriate amount of products and supply them to dealers in a quantitative manner, there will be no such big leakage

at this time and here, we often think that this is an earthquake, and there is no way to suffer irresistible losses, so we don't review it and let it pass. I don't realize that this idea is problematic. If there are natural disasters and disasters, there are less damaging business laws and more damaging business laws, so we should always pay attention to this point. For good or bad, in the future, we should have a plan to deal with it first, which can reduce the damage to the minimum. This is an excellent operator

enterprises must constantly make appropriate adjustments in order to survive, especially in the era of highly developed information dissemination

in the past, because feudal ideology still existed in society, once products became famous, they would take full advantage in terms of price and quality. However, with the progress of the times, this feudal thought disappeared, and the consumer began to pay attention to the essence

there is such a thing. K photographic equipment company, which has a long history and dominates the world, is on the verge of bankruptcy recently. The reason is that it has been attacked by both German and Japanese cameras. Not only abroad, but also the domestic market has been lost

although the company has always had a high reputation, it is also very powerful. If it cannot continuously provide new and good goods and sell them at a reasonable price, then it will have business difficulties, no exception in any industry. In the past, it used to take about three years to confirm good or bad goods. Recently, it can be confirmed almost instantly. Because through, television, radio and so on, we can quickly convey the quality of products, prices, and publicity skills to consumers

in the past, there might have been a year of sales life, but now there are more and more cases of stopping sales at an instant. Therefore, we should not take business lightly

especially for commodity companies that are changing with each passing day, they should have strong competitiveness. In order to win the competition, they must make appropriate adjustments quickly and boldly. Even if you sell sweet potatoes, you should also review the reasons for poor sales. Without accumulating the ordinary experience of today, there will be no extraordinary progress of tomorrow

even for the simple business of selling sweet potatoes, the distance between the supporting rollers can be adjusted after the business is completed in one day, and the total sales of that day should be calculated correctly. If you sell less, you should review why you can't sell it, further consider how to purchase and bake sweet potatoes, reflect on the shortcomings in the service, and summon up the idea of doing business tomorrow. This is the secret of a prosperous sweet potato business

besides, how can we make progress tomorrow if we ignore the daily introspection and self-examination in the business of buying and selling many goods and contacting many customers

this thing, at first glance, is very ordinary, but this kind of ordinary thing requires considerable exercise to persevere

the world often says, "ordinary is extraordinary"; The so-called "extraordinary" is actually a matter of loading the ordinary and making the rotation speed of the loading pointer equal to the rotation speed of the instigation disk, which can accumulate experience and get the result

career should match the pace of social progress, grow step by step, and don't rush

if you want to expand your career, you should expand with the growth of society, as Xiao Yaqing said. It is impossible to only seek the growth of your company. Making things that society doesn't need must be unsalable. Therefore, with the progress of society, the company will make progress. In order to guide the society, it is also necessary to operate the company in an earlier form

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