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Panasonic air purifier f-136c7px is an air purifier of Panasonic. How about the function of this Panasonic air purifier f-136c7px? Let's take a look at the first-hand experience, price and configuration, which may be helpful for your reference

I. Panasonic air purifier f-136c7px hands-on experience:

a certain East plant grass. This Panasonic formaldehyde removal air purifier f-136c7px has a tortuous modulus of 40 (5) 4GP at the carbon enhanced level. It is best to exclude human factors. A has been used for some time, and share the experience:

high end, atmospheric and high-grade! JD distribution special awesome arrived the next day, and it was used as soon as it was received. There are three filters, with particularly strong purification ability, brightness sensing, silent mode at night, basically no sound and no light. The design is particularly good, with metal texture. It looks like a new high-function fine inorganic product for the 21st century. It's atmospheric, and the whole family is very satisfied. It's recommended to buy it, every penny

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1. Panasonic air purifier f-136c7px JD price:

Panasonic formaldehyde removal air purifier f-136c7px

JD price: ¥ 4499.00

JD activity link:

2. Panasonic air purifier f-136c7px configuration parameters:

3. Panasonic air purifier f-136c7px other user comments:

my wife is pregnant, and the haze of coal burning in northern winter heating is serious.The, For the health of wife and baby, emptiness is a necessity. Panasonic easy-to-use recommended by my colleagues, I bought this one again and again. arrived quickly. The real object is very tall and metallic. There is a pulley below, which is very convenient to move. After opening, after all, leather at home is another kind of rarity in the luxury industry other than jewelry. The concentration of PM2.5 is 50+, which has decreased significantly after a while. I can hardly hear any sound. The remote control is also very delicate. Worth having

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