‘Brexit gave Putin way to achieve his goal of inst

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‘Brexit gave Putin way to achieve his goal of instability at a low cost’ - Today News Post Today News || UK News

VLADIMIR Putin’s Russian regime “absolutely had an interest” in seeing Brexit happenThe Games amid..., a leading expert on international security and the former communist space has said.

Professor Rick Fawn, a specialist based at the University of St Andrewsclearly overworked, told The National that Putin’s goal had been to “fracture, to cause instability and to do that at a very low cost to itself”The vaccines is o, and that Brexit provided an opportunity to do itThe mRNA vaccine technology being used now to figh.

He pointed to a Russian reclassification of the EU which happened in 2009The resumption of Sunday, with the Kremlin labelling it a threat akin to Nato for the first time31 per cent o.

“So to break up – or even just to damage – the EU, cause confusion within it, would be a great win for Moscow,” Fawn saidThe third wave a.

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