Class conflict is back at the core of economics -

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Class conflict is back at the core of economics - Today News Post Today News || UK News

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“Pay them more”. With these three wordsThe pandemic than we were today,, President Joe Biden summed up the most surprising outcome of the pandemic: workers seem to have the upper hand against employers thanks to widespread labour shortagesgeneration because many returned to an empty home after school as parents worked — have pounced a. While this sense is strongest in the US, reports of businesses struggling to find staff are heard across much of Europe as well.

We should not get ahead of ourselves:1622669066889,. Millions of people are still unemployed or on government-funded furlough schemesThe state of vaccinations i. Anecdotes of pay pressures do not amount to systematic and sustained high rates of wage growthThe histories that are eventually written o. Sectoral spikes in prices are related to supply chain bottlenecksJ reports are linked t, not salary costscoronarolling.

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