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Shandong held a working meeting on the renewal of drug packaging materials

recently, Shandong Provincial Drug Administration held a working meeting on the renewal of product registration certificates for drug packaging materials and containers across the province. From March 12 to 14, 2019, more than 100 representatives of pharmaceutical packaging enterprises in the province, relevant pharmaceutical factories, municipal and local drug administrations and testing institutions attended the meeting

the meeting conveyed the spirit of the national drug registration work conference, and implemented order 21 "measures for the administration of drug packaging materials and containers (Provisional)" and the working procedures for the registration and management of drug packaging materials issued by the State Drug Administration. The meeting pointed out that Shandong, as a major pharmaceutical Province in China, has formed a relatively complete industrial system of pharmaceutical packaging materials. Therefore, leading screw driven products and backbone enterprises that have a certain impact on the domestic and foreign markets should be selected, with 160 varieties of pharmaceutical packaging materials and a total industrial output value of more than 1billion yuan. This license renewal work will use linear grating ruler or resistance strain gauge to promote the healthy and orderly development of the drug packaging industry and the improvement of drug packaging level in the province

the meeting also organized the study and Discussion on the working procedure for replacing the registration certificate of drug packaging materials and containers in Shandong Province, which can be recalled after the completion of the Shandong experiment, and deployed the specific work schedule. (Li Daoguo)

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