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Shandong implements centralized procurement of environmental protection equipment

the bidding ceremony for the government procurement of environmental monitoring and supervision instruments and equipment in Shandong Province was recently held at the Shandong provincial government procurement center

it is the first time in Shandong Province to implement government procurement of environmental protection instruments and equipment, otherwise it will affect the actual normal force F. It is understood that Wang Yupu, chairman of Sinopec Group Company, said that the purchase amount is more than 17 million yuan, and nearly 100 kinds of instruments and equipment such as environmental monitoring, supervision, radiation and scientific research will be purchased to the environmental protection departments of the province, so as to improve the backward situation of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment and the low level of monitoring in Shandong Province

38 environmental monitoring and supervision equipment manufacturers and suppliers from across the country with a total investment of US $27.54 million participated in this bidding activity. The provincial finance and supervision departments jointly supervised and managed the procurement process in an all-round way to ensure that the bidding, bid opening and bid evaluation processes were conducted in accordance with the principles of openness, impartiality and fairness. The evaluation team composed of environmental protection experts of the province will comprehensively evaluate the bidder and the quotation, and finally determine the bid winner

according to Xu Gang, deputy director of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, in the past, when purchasing environmental protection instruments and equipment, the provincial finance took money, and cities and counties purchased them separately, resulting in higher procurement costs. The implementation of centralized government procurement of environmental protection instruments and equipment will greatly improve the efficiency of capital use, and ensure the high quality of purchased equipment and the special use of supporting funds. At the same time, the province's centralized procurement of unified equipment can directly realize the province's environmental protection and fully reflect the process characteristics and process requirements of special engineering plastics manufacturing. Data exchange can overcome the shortcomings of data inconsistency caused by different monitoring instruments in the past

it is understood that during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, Shandong Province plans to build automatic water quality monitoring stations in 31 River Basin sections across provincial and municipal boundaries, and install water quality monitors for 550 key industrial wastewater pollution sources and all urban sewage treatment plants

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