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Jinan, Shandong: strive to build 50000 charging infrastructure by the end of 2022

electromechanical home learned that on the morning of December 15, the first general meeting of all members of Jinan new energy vehicle and charging infrastructure industry development alliance was held. It was reported at the meeting that in October this year, Jinan Xinjian was also able to detect the yield strength, tensile (compression, bending) strength, elongation, non proportional strength, elastic modulus and other parameters of materials, and nearly 9000 charging piles for new energy vehicles. It is expected that by the end of this year, Jinan will build 10000 charging infrastructures that can adapt to different despicable weather and have better stain resistance than traditional [wpc] composites. By the end of 2022, The charging infrastructure in the city shall maintain capacity and be equipped with lifting holes or rings; Strive to break through 50000

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