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Shandong Hengyu Rubber Co., Ltd. has passed the verification of energy-saving technological transformation. Recently, the waste heat and pressure utilization project of Shandong Hengyu Rubber Co., Ltd. successfully passed the verification of the 2008 central financial award of the Ministry of finance to eliminate backward production capacity and the application of the financial award project for energy-saving technological transformation in 2009, winning the national financial award fund for energy-saving technological transformation

Hengyu rubber waste heat and pressure utilization project relies on the company's existing 1.2 million all steel radial tires, 200000 engineering tires and 1.2 million sets of agricultural vehicle tires to carry out energy-saving technological transformation of vulcanization waste heat, and purchase production equipment such as waste steam waste heat recovery device, hot water collection system, energy-saving hot water circulating pump, etc. After the implementation and transformation of the project, the annual new sales revenue is 19.548 million yuan, the profit is 10.5257 million yuan, the tax is 2.6314 million yuan, the annual saving of steam is 84046 tons, the saving of process water with low pressure loss in the valve is 1.45 million tons, the reduction of smoke emission is 48.85 tons, and the reduction of sulfur dioxide is 193.77 tons except painting

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