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Shandong heavy industry: approaching the dream of 100 billion to enter the world's top 500

Shandong heavy industry: approaching the dream of 100 billion to enter the world's top 500

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Guide: on December 7, 2009, Shandong heavy industry, which is shouldering the important task of revitalizing and developing Shandong equipment manufacturing industry, finally made a collective appearance for many of its brands through the product exhibition conference half a year after its establishment. Shandong heavy industry group has a wide range of products, including power systems, heavy trucks, construction machinery and automobiles

on December 7, 2009, Shandong heavy industry, which shoulders the important task of revitalizing and developing Shandong equipment manufacturing industry, finally made a collective appearance for its many brands through the product exhibition conference half a year after its establishment. Shandong heavy industry group has a wide range of products covering equipment manufacturing fields such as power systems, heavy trucks, engineering machinery and auto parts

"the reorganization of Shandong heavy industry marks the strong rise of Shandong equipment manufacturing industry. In three to five years, we will enter the global heavy industry group Club of 100 billion yuan." Tanxuguang, chairman and party secretary of Shandong heavy industry group, said with confidence

the financial storm that hit Shandong heavy industry restructuring more than a year ago has put many enterprises in trouble, and even some world-famous companies cannot avoid bankruptcy. However, Shandong heavy industry delivered a beautiful answer in the severe winter: it is expected that the annual operating revenue will exceed 60billion yuan, an increase of 10% year-on-year; The profit was 5billion yuan, up 40%

"the reorganization of Shandong heavy industry was established by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. It not only conforms to the current general trend of the structural adjustment of the national equipment manufacturing industry, meets the requirements of the adjustment and revitalization plan of the automobile industry in our province, but also is the internal urgent need for the development of Weichai, Shangong and Shanqi enterprises." Tan Xuguang said, "from the current operation of the enterprise, we can proudly say that the reorganization of Shandong heavy industry is successful."

"Shandong heavy industry undertakes the historical mission of strengthening and expanding the equipment manufacturing industry in our province. Shandong heavy industry has exceeded 100billion yuan in sales revenue in three to five years, entered the world's top 500, and built a global leading equipment manufacturing group with core competitiveness and sustainable development."

when the integration is in progress, the key to the success of Shandong heavy industry restructuring lies in "integration". At present, the group has more than 100 subordinate enterprises. How to make various resources realize industrial collaboration and achieve "1+1 2" is a severe test for Shandong heavy industry

Weichai undoubtedly played a central role in the restructuring of Shandong heavy industry. The goal of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to establish Shandong heavy industry is to use the advantages of Weichai in brand, technology, capital and innovation to drive the development of other relevant enterprises through structural optimization and chain innovation, so as to improve the competitiveness of the whole industry and promote industrial optimization and upgrading

Weichai has rich successful experience in integrating industry resources. In the past 11 years, the "two wheel drive" of Weichai's product operation and capital operation, after joining the Hunan torch, Weichai reorganized Shaanxi heavy truck, fast, hande axle and other enterprises, integrated relevant resources, and created a "engine + transmission + axle + vehicle" because they are difficult to evenly disperse the "gold industry chain" of the national heavy truck industry in the polymer

the restructuring structure of Shandong heavy industry refers to the management mode of Weichai with capital as the link. Shandong heavy industry should become the "five centers" of the group, namely, the strategic planning center, the capital operation center, the investment decision-making center, the human resources center and the technology research and development center. In terms of planning, investment, finance, personnel, research and development, it should implement unified management within the group, give play to the advantages of the group, and strengthen group control

as one of the directions of resource integration, it is to concentrate the group's advantageous R & D resources and develop new products such as green power and hybrid vehicles. In terms of manufacturing links, we should carry out structural adjustment and gradually transfer some links with high energy consumption

in terms of improving the market layout, on November 24, Weichai Holding Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yangzhou municipal government to accelerate the construction of Weichai group's Yangzhou auto parts and ship power manufacturing base by integrating the advantageous resources of all parties, so as to reach the scale of 10 billion industries as soon as possible. In the process of researching and exploring new materials, new processes, new technologies and new structures, Weichai group realized the rapid expansion of the group in the Yangtze River Delta region

advantages are emerging

although it has only been established for six months, Shandong heavy industry can be described as "shining stars", with many well-known brands and the first place in the industry. Weichai Power, the world's first high-speed high-power engine; Shantui bulldozer ranks first in China and third in the world; Fast, the world's first heavy-duty transmission; Hande, the first brand of heavy axle in China; Torch spark plug ranks first in China and third in the world; Shaanxi heavy truck Co., Ltd. ranks fourth in China. This kind of brand advantage that cannot be copied is very important to ensure the competition of enterprises in the market in the future

what's more rare is that this is not a simple collection of brands, but an organic combination with a common industrial foundation and on the same value chain

just last month, the national commercial research center with a total investment of 1.5 billion, including its processing technology automotive powertrain assembly engineering technology, was approved by the Ministry of science and technology to settle in Weichai Power under Shandong heavy industry

at present, Weichai has a unique Powertrain Product composed of "engine + transmission + axle" in China, which can systematically apply the elongation at fracture to the original length of new energy technology in all links of the industrial chain from heavy trucks to construction machinery in the shortest time, so as to build and improve its core competitiveness

Shandong heavy industry has also tasted the sweetness in the integration of marketing network, brand and market resources. The cooperation between Weichai Power and Shaanxi Automobile in marketing and after-sales service has been fully recognized by users, and the marketing management cost has been greatly reduced. In the next step, Shandong heavy industry will start with the international network to realize the coordination and integration of Weichai Power, Shantui, Shaanxi Automobile and fast

according to tan Xuguang, the post market of international enterprises can contribute 25% - 30% of revenue, which is an important profit growth point of the group in the future

at this product exhibition, people saw a marine engine product from the French boduan company. At the beginning of this year, Weichai successfully acquired the French boduan company. This product with a brand history of more than 100 years has one step filled the gap in the production and R & D technology of Weichai 16 liter and above high-power engines, making the company's products more serialized

but Tan Xuguang has his own clear understanding of "going out". He said that the international financial crisis obviously provided a good opportunity for emerging market countries, especially Chinese auto enterprises, to enter overseas and seek further development and growth. However, an excellent enterprise must not operate on impulse. An enterprise that cannot see its own shortcomings will sooner or later have problems. We also lack talents and teams to operate international enterprises, which is our weakness

In November, Jiangkui, general manager of Shandong heavy industry, led a team to the United States to recruit talents, which injected fresh international blood into Shandong heavy industry group. Among the 47 senior talents, there is no lack of experts and doctors who have worked in top 500 enterprises. Strive to make up for their shortcomings

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