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Pick up the "alternative" small fresh meat in the tire industry

pick up the "alternative" small fresh meat in the tire industry

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"generations of talented people have come out, and each has led the coquette for hundreds of years". In the surging tire industry, everything is like a big wave washing sand. Under the catch-up of time, some people left and others stayed

there are many "old drivers" who have been on the front line for ten years. Their profound skills are "frightening" and are the solid backing of the experimental program industry. The three directors of the Ministry of industry and information technology: focus on key work in the fields of energy conservation, equipment and raw materials, and heroes have been born since ancient times. The strength of another rising group can not be underestimated. They represent the future of the industry and interpret the new style of tire people. The exclusive special of the strongest technician of this issue of China policy cup entered the world of tire "small fresh meat" with China tire Commerce ()

chi Wenda

branch: kuaijiao tire store

age: 21 years old

entry time: 4 years

although this "post-95" is young and inexperienced, he picks up the tire "fast, accurate, ruthless", clean and neat

in a prosperous world full of infinite possibilities, he is not a playful teenager, but a "hetero" who upholds "one thing at a time", breaking people's inherent impression of "small fresh meat". "Grinding a sword in ten years", let's wait for the master to grow up

Zhang Yuru

branch: Binhai Binbei tire store, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City

entry time: 4 years

age: 24 years

when other peers just graduated from school, Zhang Yuru had developed the roadside small tire stall into a Zhongce car space franchise store with 4 stores. He has the momentum and innovation of young people, as well as the perseverance and toughness of "maturity", which can be seen from his competition video, To conquer the wild off-road tires, Zhang Yuru is always on the way to challenge

looking at these two tires "small fresh meat", has it made you a difference to the "post-90s"

in the world of tire people, there is no distinction between age and seniority. There is only the same spirit - fighting and not admitting defeat

2017 Zhongce Cup "the strongest technician" tire raking skills competition, registration is still continuing, and the next protagonist is you

registration and voting time:

12:00 on August 8 - 24:00 on August 31, 2017

participants of the preliminary contest:

◎ stores in all industries

◎ use Zhongce's tire products (16 inches and above)

preliminary contest entry method:

Step 1: pay attention to [Zhongce car space store steward] and [Zhongce Rubber] official account, and you can register, or long press the QR code below to identify and enter the registration channel

step 2: fill in the name and the specific address of the store, upload the store and personal photos, and upload three videos of tire picking operation process as required

video upload requirements:

upload three tire removal Videos:

1 Introduce yourself and show the tire brand. The tires must use Zhongce banner. Rats often go through the wall holes that damage the cables and the tire products under the inlet holes (16 inches and above)

2 Deflation and tyre removal

3 Tire installation, inflation (inflation does not need to be full)

tire removal process reference video:

scoring standard:

50% online voting + 50% professional judge rating

final participants:

top ten contestants in the comprehensive evaluation of the audition (the transportation and accommodation expenses of contestants during the finals are borne by the organizer)

final time:

September 26, 2017

final location:


let your blood boil.Yes, Not only the fierce competition itself, but also various awards

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