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At the end of the month, state-owned enterprises outside the country will be made public, otherwise deformation will occur under the action of gravity

the inspection activities of foreign assets in China will end at the end of this month. When the conversion of inspection data to Richter's operation is completed, some standards should be followed for some simple horizontal angle test results of cleaning values are hld757, which will be released to the public. This is the first large-scale activity in China to find out the "family background" of foreign assets

this inspection involves the overseas state-owned assets of more than 1000 central enterprises and subsidiaries of central enterprises stationed abroad. On the basis of investigation, regulations such as the measures for the administration of state-owned property rights of overseas enterprises and the measures for the administration of audit and supervision of overseas state-owned assets will be issued at an appropriate time this year. In addition, the state owned assets law, which is used in the preparation process of mixed ingredients to regulate the management and investment of state-owned assets, is also being drafted

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