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Premier Li Keqiang also proposed in this year's government work report that "state owned enterprises should be in the forefront of high-quality development through reform and innovation". This puts forward new requirements for our state-owned enterprises

Anhui Forklift Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Forklift Group) is a large state-owned enterprise, which has been developing industrial vehicles (forklifts) as its leading products. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the Forklift Group has accelerated its development, ranking first in the same industry in China for 27 consecutive years. It has maintained a high growth rate since this year. The party and the state put forward high-quality development, which further pointed out the direction for us. State owned enterprises should strive to be in the forefront of high-quality development. In March this year, I proposed at the workers' Congress to practice the new development concept, achieve high-quality development, and strive to build a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness

in combination with the actual situation of enterprises, I believe that state-owned enterprises need to do the following to stay in the forefront of high-quality development

improve understanding and change views. In the past, state-owned enterprises generally paid more attention to developing scale, striving for investment and expanding production. This is necessary in certain periods and circumstances. Now China's economy has entered the transformation and upgrading, blindly on the ground scale, increasing investment is not in line with the new requirements. State owned enterprises, especially enterprise leaders, should improve their understanding, change their ideas, enhance the concept of efficiency, enhance their awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, enhance their awareness of ecological protection, create higher benefits with less investment and resource consumption, and meet the needs of national construction and people's lives with better products. The superior competent departments should also improve the assessment methods, from focusing on output value to focusing on economic benefits, energy conservation, emission reduction and social benefits. Forklift Group has focused on technological innovation, product quality and green development when formulating this year's target plan

implement brand strategy and improve product quality. As a manufacturing enterprise, to practice high-quality development, we must first produce high-quality products. Precautions for purchasing Heli forklift 27 tensile testing machine: to maintain the first place in the forklift industry in China in, we rely on product quality. In the past two years, the company has won the nomination award of China Industrial awards for two consecutive times, and the products with rising prices have also won the titles of Anhui famous brand products and popular products. In 2018, Forklift Group will vigorously implement the brand strategy, especially focus on improving product quality. To this end, we are further strengthening quality management, strictly implementing various rules and regulations, strengthening quality control and ensuring quality improvement; Strengthen the management of outsourced parts and purchased parts to ensure the assembly quality of the whole machine; Actively promote intelligent manufacturing, promote advanced management methods, and strengthen the quality awareness of employees

strengthen technological innovation and improve product added value. Innovation is a powerful driving force for high-quality development. Forklift Group can become the first in the same industry in China, which is the result of continuous innovation. For many years, we have spent 5% of our annual sales revenue on research and development to do a good job in new product development. It has successfully developed and launched K2, H3, G2 series and other medium and high-end products, according to 4 Sichuan reports. In order to meet the needs of new energy and promote energy conservation and environmental protection, we have also developed new energy forklifts, continuously promoted the marketization process of energy-saving and environmental friendly forklifts such as lithium batteries, and successfully launched the 10 ton lithium battery forklift with the largest tonnage in China. In 2017, the company's electric forklifts exceeded 10000, an increase of more than 40% over 2016; The newly developed new energy forklift has a range of 8 hours. In the future, we should accelerate the pace of innovation, develop more and higher-level forklifts, focus on the requirements of intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection, increase varieties, lengthen the series, provide a variety of multi-functional forklifts for factories, warehouses, ports, docks, mines, etc., and provide high-level and high-quality transportation and logistics equipment for all industries. In 2018, the State paid more attention to the development of new energy equipment. Forklift Group accelerated the promotion of new energy forklift projects, increased investment in new energy forklifts, and improved the production capacity of new energy forklifts, so that new energy forklifts achieved a significant growth

implement lean production and improve economic benefits. At present, the machinery industry is still facing great difficulties of cost market competition. In this case, enterprises must focus on lean production in order to achieve high-quality development, achieve good economic benefits and improve competitiveness. We should adjust the organizational structure of enterprises and improve work efficiency and production efficiency; We should strengthen business management and economic accounting, and strive to do more with less money; We should actively carry out activities to increase production and save money, implement the synchronous development of complete vehicles and supporting parts, and strive to improve economic benefits. In recent years, we have carried out lean production activities, and have formed a series of successful practices. We have 68 high-level production lines, 98.6% of equipment self preservation rate, and 89.97% of standardized operation coverage rate. In terms of information management, we have won the title of national demonstration enterprise, and lean production has achieved remarkable results. In 2018, we also launched the labor competition of "making concerted efforts to ensure Three Guarantees, doing solid work and taking on new achievements". The activity aims to use lean tools to solve production bottlenecks

strengthen product sales and develop two markets. Marketing is king. Under the situation of overcapacity in the industrial industry, in order to achieve high-quality development, we must strengthen sales. Over the years, we have vigorously explored and occupied both domestic and international markets. In order to expand the domestic market, the company has improved the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system of products. At present, 24 primary agents and 400 secondary and tertiary agents have been established all over the country, further extending the marketing network to secondary and tertiary distribution points and agents, and improving the response ability of marketing services; In order to build a good brand image, the company insists on selling high-quality, high-tech and high value-added products with its own brand "Heli", maintains the brand reputation of Heli from a strategic perspective, and insists on publicity and sales with the brand "Heli". In order to explore foreign markets, heli has established more than 80 overseas agencies, and its products are sold to more than 150 countries or regions, expanding the popularity and influence of Heli's brand in overseas markets

strengthen team building, cultivate and make good use of talents. To achieve high-quality development, we must adhere to people-oriented. Over the years, we have accumulated rich experience in team and talent construction, such as on-the-job training and holding technology ratio 5 Wechsler hardness (HW) has achieved good results in establishing employee growth routes and forming a positive and correct talent growth mechanism. In the future, we should continue to strengthen the construction of the staff team, further pay attention to staff training, organize staff to learn new development concepts, learn new business knowledge, strive to master the world's cutting-edge technology, and constantly enhance their innovation ability and work ability; Further implement the concept of shared development, improve employees' income and welfare, and constantly improve employees' enthusiasm and creativity

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